The Lost Civilization

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The Lost Civilization
Prod No: 8527
Season: 1
Air Date: 04/13/1966
Writers: William Welch
Director: Don Richardson
Principal Cast: John Robinson (Guy Williams)

Maureen Robinson (June Lockhart)

Judy Robinson (Marta Kristen)

Penny Robinson (Angela Cartwright)

Will Robinson (Billy Mumy)

Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris)

Robot B-9 (Bob May Dick Tufeld (voice))

Supporting Cast: Royal Dano as Major Domo

Kym Karath as Princess

Kym Karath as Princess

Preceded By: All That Glitters
Followed By: A Change Of Space

The Lost Civilization is an episode of Lost In Space.


According to the rules of an ancient civilization, Will must marry the princess he kissed and awoke from suspended animation. The civilization has been stockpiling soldiers in freezing tubes, and now plans to conquer the universe, beginning with Earth. [For a primitive planet, Earth attracted a lot of universe-conquerers!]



No visitors here because these are supposedly natives of the planet.