Guy Williams

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Guy Williams
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Birth Name: Joseph Armando Catalano
Birth Date: January 14, 1924
Birth Place: Bronx, New York City
Date of Death: May 7, 1989
LIS Roles: Professor John Robinson, John Robinson (Anti-Matter)

Guy Williams was an actor in Lost In Space who is best know for portraying Professor John Robinson, John Robinson (Anti-Matter).

Guy Williams (born Joseph Armando Catalano on January 14, 1924) was the actor who played Professor John Robinson on the Lost in Space television series.


Williams was born to Sicilian immigrants Attilio and Clara Catalano in the Bronx, New York City. He was called Armando throughout his young life. He spent much of his boyhood in Manhattan. He was a good student in school, although he struggled in math. His father passed along his skills in swordsmanship, but when he tried to pass along his desire for Guy to continue the family business in insurance, the young man balked. Guy was impressed with films, going to the movie house with his friends every chance he got.

When WWII broke out, he tried to enlist. After being classified as 4-F, Guy worked a variety of jobs, but finally found his niche in the modeling field. This was a very successful endeavor and he made a quite comfortable living for several years. It was during this time that he took on the name Guy Williams. It was more cosmopolitan and much less ethnic than his real name. During his modeling years, though, he found himself in a documentary called the March of Time, playing a tormented war veteran. This role stood out and he was signed to MGM and sent to Hollywood. He took classes in acting while playing small parts in films.

When his contract was not renewed, Guy returned back home and resumed his modeling career. He continued taking acting classes as a means to return to film. It was during these years that he met and married model Janice Cooper, a girl from west Tennessee.


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