Judy Robinson

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Judy Robinson
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Home planet: Earth
First Appearance: The Reluctant Stowaway[1]
Portrayed by: Marta Kristen

Judy Robinson is the eldest daughter of John and Maureen Robinson and a member of the Earth's first family in space.

The following information is taken from The Alpha Control Reference Manual and is not considered canon.

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Judith Elana Robinson

Birth Date: February 26, 1978 Birth Place: Los Angeles, California
Height: 5’ 4” Weight: 108 pounds
Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde
Rank: None Likes: Acting, singing, popular music, sleeping in late


Judith Elana Robinson was born in Los Angeles, California, and was the first child of John and Maureen. Because of her parents’ careers, Judy rarely lived in any location for any period of time. This resulted in her being a backward, shy child who had a considerable amount of difficulty making friends. Although her family had a loving and open relationship, John and Maureen were, because of economic interests, forced to pursue their own careers and Judy spent most of her time living with her Aunt Colleen in Los Angeles. She became very close to her cousin Joan, a relationship that continued up to the day of the Jupiter 2 launch.

With the birth of Penny, Maureen reluctantly abandoned her job and became a full time housewife, In the meantime, Judy had moved back home, and she found her new home life difficult to cope with. She was upset over the fact that she had - in her opinion - been neglected by her parents up until that time. Judy resented the attention that Penny was receiving, and secretly believed that her parents were somehow disappointed with her. These problems would gradually disappear over the years, principally because of her parents’ love and devotion to both her and Penny, and later on to Will, as well.

Entering her teenage years, Judy became a well-adjusted and talented individual. Her blonde hair, blue eyes, and slim figure made her very attractive to boys, but Maureen was very protective, and she seldom dated before the age of sixteen.

While being above average in intelligence, it became obvious at an early age that she had not inherited the superior intellect of her parents. The fact that both Penny and Will proved to have extremely high I. Q.’s never seemed to bother her, as she proved to possess many other natural talents. Judy never really cared much for school, but she was outstanding at acting, singing, and dancing, and had planned a future vocation in those areas. But her plans were changed forever when her family applied for and was chosen - to be the first family to traverse deep space. Judy, always an emotional and slightly rebellious child, was opposed to joining her family on the mission. She had little inclination to leave Earth, and like many citizens, she was dissatisfied with the Alpha Control program after the loss of the Jupiter 1.

Heeding her family’s wishes, Judy reluctantly transferred from her high school to the new United States Space Corps Training Center in Houston, Texas, along with the rest of her family. While there, she was instructed in such diverse subjects as survival in space, the operation of Jupiter 2 equipment, and even space walking, at which she became most adept.

In 1994, at the age of sixteen and during her second year at the Center, she met Captain Donald West. She and Don hit it off immediately, possibly because of their distinct differences in personalities: While both were impulsive, Judy was compassionate and caring, as opposed to Don’s being, in John Robinson’s words, “a real hothead”. Don and Judy began dating within the first few weeks of their first meeting, a fact that Maureen found disconcerting. Judy had always been well protected and had had little experience with men, Also, Don was several years older and had a reputation of being a “ladies’ man”. But it seemed to everyone concerned that they were an ideal match, and that it would only be a matter of time before they were married. But, over a period of time, Don finally won John and Maureen’s approval for their relationship. Feeling that he was the best man for the job, in 1995 John chose Don out of the number of eligible Space Corps pilots who had volunteered to fly the Jupiter 2. This greatly increased Judy’s enthusiasm for the mission.

After The Launch

Little had changed in Judy’s life before she left Earth with her family. From the Jupiter 2 log books we know that she was well adjusted to the trials and tribulations of space travel. Although she once confessed to her mother that she resented the fact that she would never have the opportunity to marry anyone other than Don, for the most part she and Don have become closer. While the two had not yet married at the end of John’s log books, it is apparent that the two are very dedicated to one another. John made it a practice never to pry into their personal lives, but he often noted signs of affection between them, and other indications of their mutual dedication, such as their willingness to sacrifice themselves to the alien known as “The Keeper” to save Will and Penny.

As to her once-planned career in the musical-comedy field, she seems to have resigned herself to the fact that she might never return to Earth or have the opportunity to revive her plans. Such a decision might also be based on her affection for Don, as she once turned down the offer to appear in a space beauty contest until he revealed his feelings about the matter. Her only singing now is with her brother, who has also shown considerable musical ability. Overall, she is fully content with her life in space, with her family, and with her first and only love, Donald West.

  1. The character, Judy Robinson, actually first appeared on the unaired pilot No Place to Hide.