Robot B-9

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Species: Robot
Gender: None, but posesses male voice and mannerisms.
Home planet: Earth
First Appearance: The Reluctant Stowaway[1]
Portrayed by: Bob May (inside the costume) and Dick Tufeld providing the voice.

The Environmental Control Robot of the Robinson Family. A valuable piece of equipment and unofficially the seventh member of the crew of the Jupiter 2.

The following information is taken from The Alpha Control Reference Manual and is not considered canon.

Vital Statistics

Full Name: None, but commonly just called "Robot"[2]

Birth Date: N/A Birth Place: N/A
Height: 7' 0" (When bubble fully extended) Weight: 550 pounds
Eyes: N/A Hair: N/A
Rank: None Likes: Playing chess, protecting the Robinsons and verbally sparring with Dr. Smith!


After The Launch

When the Robot was first activated, he followed the unauthorized pre-flight programming that Dr. Smith gave him. That was to destroy crucial systems 8 hours after launch. After causing extensive damage, Dr. Robinson and Major West were able to stop him by removing his power pack.


Purpose and Function The model B-9 environmental control robot’s primary function was to provide a definitive analysis of the physical environment of the planet to be colonized. The B-9 was by far the most sophisticated piece of equipment on board the Jupiter 2. One hundred and ten uniquely designed computer microprocessors enabled the robot to perform many specialized functions. Some of these include:

  • the ability to “learn” from experience and to modify future behavior (true artificial intelligence - technical details are top secret).
  • data gathering from auditory, visual, x-ray, and infra-red sensors.
  • soil and atmosphere chemical and radiation analysis.
  • ease of interface and maximum utility to human users be cause of an extremely complete knowledge base - programming ranges from literature and the arts through advanced calculus.
  • communications in three formats: through advanced speech synthesis, vidicom tape, and laser printing in read-out tape.
  • control of over 43 precision motors for almost human-like movement of arms claws, sensor dome, chest, and feet.
  • vertical lift of 50,000 pounds.
  • application of 50 tons of pressure, when appropriately braced.
  • electroforce beam of up to 100,000 volts to aid in breaking apart rock samples and for defense.
  • fail-safe protection against harming humans.

Both soil and rock samples are internalized through a small receptacle in the right tread section. Inside, a miniaturized laboratory provides basic chemical analysis and measures radiation levels. Atmospheric analysis is also performed, breaking down the ambient gas into its constituent components.

Physical Attributes The environmental control robot stands 7 feet tall (power on, sensor dome raised) and weighs 550 pounds. When in flight or otherwise not in use, the robot is stored in a magnetic lock at the center of the lower level. Disassembly for storage and transportation in the Chariot is relatively straightforward due to the robot’s modular design.

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  1. The character, Robot, was not in the pilot episode, but was added for the first aired episode.
  2. The robot was never given a name. When addressed, he was always just called "Robot" as if that was his name. When referred to, he was simply called "the robot". The closest he ever go to a name was in the episode Time Merchant. In a scenes that was set back in 1997, he was shown to be in a crate labelled "General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Robot" with all of the letters of each word (or prefix) shown in capital and red. The formed the word GUNTHER. It's not known if this was an attempt to give the Robot a name or not. If so, it was one that failed as this was a third season episode, so he had gone for two previous seasons as simply "Robot". The only other time that he was called anything else, was in the episode Cave of the Wizards. After the metal in his upper body was transformed into solid gold, he insisted that everyone now refer to him as "Golden Boy".