Target: Earth

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Target: Earth
Prod No: 1516
Season: 3
Air Date: 01/03/1968
Writers: Peter Packer
Director: Nathan Juran
Principal Cast: John Robinson (Guy Williams)

Maureen Robinson (June Lockhart)

Judy Robinson (Marta Kristen)

Penny Robinson (Angela Cartwright)

Will Robinson (Billy Mumy)

Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris)

Robot B-9 (Bob May Dick Tufeld (voice))

Supporting Cast: James Gosa as Gilt Proto
Preceded By: The Anti-Matter Man
Followed By: Princess of Space

Target: Earth is an episode of Lost In Space.


Shapeless aliens imprison the Robinsons and make themselves into their doubles (boy, they sure had a lot of problems with imposters), and then hijack the Jupiter 2, planning to go back and conquer the Earth (again! <sigh>) . They reprogram the Robot to help them. Will and Smith escape, capture their doubles, and replace them on the journey, in an attempt to stop them.