Peter Packer

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Peter Packer
Birth Name:
Birth Date: January 22, 1906
Birth Place:
Date of Death: February 13, 1987

Peter Packer was a writer of Lost In Space.


Season 1

Prod # Title
8502 The Derelict
8506 Welcome Stranger
8509 The Oasis
8511 The Raft
8515 Return From Outer Space
8525 The Space Croppers
8528 A Change Of Space

Season 2

Prod # Title
9501 Blast Off Into Space
9503 The Ghost Planet
9516 The Girl From The Green Dimension
9519 Mutiny In Space
9525 The Cave Of The Wizards
9526 The Colonists
9528 The Phantom Family

Season 3

Prod # Title
1501 The Condemned Of Space
1503 The Space Primevals
1505 Visit to a Hostile Planet
1507 Flight Into The Future
1510 Collision Of The Planets
1513 Castles In Space
1516 Target: Earth
1521 The Great Vegetable Rebellion


Among other television shows, Peter Packer also wrote for:

Land of the Giants (an Irwin Allen production)

The Flight Plan (1968)

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (another Irwin Allen production)

The Monster's Web (1966)

Space Academy (starring Jonathan Harris)

Planet of Fire (1977)


The Roper (1964) (co-starring Guy Williams as Will Cartwright)
The Prime of Life (1963)
The Quality of Mercy (1963)
A Passion for Justice (1963) (co-starring Jonathan Harris as Charles Dickens)

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