There Were Giants In The Earth

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There Were Giants In The Earth
Prod No: 8504
Season: 1
Air Date: 10/06/1965
Writers: Carey Wilbur, Shimon Wincelberg
Director: Leo Penn
Principal Cast: John Robinson (Guy Williams)

Maureen Robinson (June Lockhart)

Judy Robinson (Marta Kristen)

Penny Robinson (Angela Cartwright)

Will Robinson (Billy Mumy)

Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris)

Robot B-9 (Bob May Dick Tufeld (voice))

Supporting Cast: Cyclops (Lamar Lundy)
Preceded By: Island in the Sky
Followed By: The Hungry Sea

There Were Giants In The Earth is an episode of Lost In Space.


John discovers that the temperature is about take a deep plunge, and decides they must head toward the equatorial regions - south of their landing site - to survive. Smith chooses to stay at the ship, and the Robot, still under Smith's control, stays as well.

As they begin their journey, they encounter a mutant humanoid plant that threatened the men while they were at the weather station, destroy it, and proceed south with haste. A lightning storm drives them into a cave for shelter, and they discover the ruins of an ancient civilization inside the cave. Will, Penny, Don and Judy are trapped inside a crypt, and a quake starts.



  • Having Smith and the Robot stay at the ship allows reuse of the pilot episode footage of the journey south.
  • The Earth in the title of this episode evidently refers to soil, not the planet Earth.
  • Will plays the guitar and sings "Greensleeves".
  • Penny plays with a turtle, leftover from the unaired pilot, "No Place to Hide".
  • Smith reveals the ability to cook.