The Forbidden World

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The Forbidden World
Prod No: 9504
Season: 2
Air Date: 10/05/1966
Writers: Barney Slater
Director: Don Richardson
Principal Cast: John Robinson (Guy Williams)

Maureen Robinson (June Lockhart)

Judy Robinson (Marta Kristen)

Penny Robinson (Angela Cartwright)

Will Robinson (Billy Mumy)

Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris)

Robot B-9 (Bob May Dick Tufeld (voice))

Supporting Cast: Janos Prohaska as Parrot Creature

Wally Cox as Tiabo

Preceded By: The Ghost Planet
Followed By: Space Circus

The Forbidden World is an episode of Lost In Space.


Smith and Will Robinson are taken prisoners by a monster and its strange keeper when the Jupiter 2 lands on an alien planet. In an unexpected twist, Smith turns into a deadly weapon by drinking an explosive nectar cocktail.

Jupiter 2 crash lands on a planet whose only inhabitants are a strange little hermit and his giant bird. Smith, Will, and the Robot are captured by the alien, who plans to mobilize an army to destroy the Jupiter 2. Of course, he has no army, as the Robinsons learn. Also, Dr. Smith drinks an alien nectar, later realizing that it is highly explosive, and he may blow up at any time.